December 19, 2009

Boom Bap

So in the midst of finals, I decided to start a new hobby by creating finely-tuned iTunes playlists. I've always used playlists in iTunes, but they've always been pretty generic. They either consist of a whole artist's body of work, a whole record label or poses. But this new playlist that I've created is focused on the heavy hip-hop influence kick snare sound. I tried to give myself some limitations in creating it. I didn't want to have any one artist over powering the list, so i tried to keep each artist to about 7 or 8 songs each. Also, no words. This playlist is focus strictly on beats. I cheated this rule once just because I loved a song so much! I'll post up a screen shot. Tell me what you guys think, who I should add and who I should take out. Here we gooo.

Boom Bap

December 15, 2009

Self Portrait

I dislike drawing self-portraits immensely. This is the final for my figure drawing class. Squeezed out the beginning portion in 2 hours in between comic work sessions. I've been listening to Madlib a lot lately. Props to him.

December 12, 2009


Comic is on schedule. The Alpha edition of Omega-9 will be ready next Friday as planned. The Alpha edition will be a preview of the first 14 pages. If anyone would like to be mailed a copy, just contact me (, and I'll put one in the mail for you. I'll probably print about 50-60 copies. Hope all is well for everyone.

December 9, 2009

Omega-9 Cover Art Preview

This is a poorly taken photo of the pencil work that will be the cover art to my new comic book Omega-9. The draft of the first 12-15 pages will be out next Friday. I'm playing this one pretty close to the chest so don't expect to see too many pics from the comic here. You'll have to manage to get your hands on an actually copy for that.

December 6, 2009


Not only has this been one of the busiest weeks in my life, but it will also be one of the most memorable. This Friday, December 3rd, I picked up my ordered issue of a comic that I have been drooling over since childhood. Amazing Spider-Man #300! This comic Isn't worth 5,000 dollars or even 500 or anything insane like that. However, this comic houses the first appearance of Venom, who just happens to be my favorite character from any fiction media, thus making it priceless in my eyes. As silly as it sounds, owning this comic obviously means a whole lot to me.

I remember reading Spider-Man comics as a kid and always wondering which issue had the very first appearance of Venom. For any comic nerd, it's obvious that it didn't take very long at all to find out which book it actually was. Once I learned of its existence, I became fascinated with owning it. Over time my obsession with the character moved from one focused on his physical appearance and his representation by artists to a fascination with the dynamic of his character, a sick man bearing dual personalities being fueled by envy. Perfect! This is definitely one thing checked off my "Things To Do Before Dying" list. I know this all sounds super silly and nerdy, but what can I say. I love comics and I couldn't be happier.

December 3, 2009

New Logo

Well the logo itself isn't new, but this is a newer version. I rendered this out before I went to bed last night. I just wanted to take some of the new lighting/rendering tricks, that I've taught myself in my free time, and apply them to something semi-useful. The new shader I've been building is for the buttons that will be on my site (which will be constructed this winter ^_^) But for those 3D folk out there reading this, I advise you to always reuse your shaders and update them. There's no point in rebuilding a material without a purpose. You'd be surprised what materials you can make out of the ones you've already built. And remember above all else, click as many random buttons as you possibly can! This is the pathway to true knowledge.

December 2, 2009

New Figures

These are some recent figure drawings that I've been meaning to upload. This first one of the two figures ripped about 30 seconds after I took the pic. So I guess I'll redo it this evening on some nicer paper.

This drawing is done on the nice paper that I was talking about redoing the first drawing on. It's basically a giant sheet of sand paper! This stuff is righteous!