August 27, 2010

North Coast Festival Sept 3-5!

North Coast Festival, the closing event of the summer that I have been waiting for, is finally here! With the pathetic line up for Lalapalooza it's nice to see that there is a music festival in Chicago with a desirable line up. There are many others performing but the following are the artists I am looking most forward to!

Benga is one of my favorite dubstep artists and is the only artist of the genre performing at North Coast.He is one of the first dubstep artists that I found and remains at the top of my list. I'm still recovering from the heart attack I suffered at the DJ Krush show when he dropped Benga's tune 'Roller'


This is the world famous duo that ushered me into the world that is electronic music. I have been waiting many years to see these guys. I was so excited when I saw them headlining the festival that I just stopped reading the flyer immediately. Star Guitar is in heavy rotation when I'm working, I LOVE that song.


I remember back when Fly Lo only had 3,000 plays on last FM, 1,500 of which were split between my friend Leonard and myself. With out a doubt Flying Lotus has now become a huge name in the global music scene. His unique sound is worthy of much praise despite his recent slump in my opinion. Can't wait!! Rickshaw is SUCH a sick song!


I honestly hardly know anything about this dude, but every song I've caught wind of has been righteous. It is very nice, and rare, to find a spot on MC in the sudden swarm of bubble gum crack head rappers that have taken over this country. I think Jay will be the X factor of the whole festival.


I have listened to his studio album Oi Oi Oi quite a bit over the past few years. However, I've had the opportunity to seem him live about four or five times now and for what ever reason I have always passed. But from what I've heard the kid knows how to throw a party so I'm eagerly awaiting. This guys Fiest remix is probably one of my favorite remixes in my iTunes.

August 5, 2010

Findings in the Field!

So remember all those posts I used to make way back when I used to go draw in the Field Museum? Well I'm still doing the drawing. I just haven't been doing the posting. I was in the museum today for about four hours and walked in with a blank page and walked out with this.

Went back to the Field to work on my newest study. I spent a little too much time in one spot. Gotta move around the piece more!

August 4, 2010

Sculpt Changes

Haven't be able to work on the project as much as I'd like to due to unsuccessful job hunting but I've decided to make some changes to my pisspoor designs.

Edited the post for a more updated multiangle view of the sculpt.