May 31, 2009

More Japanese TV

Obviously, the cultural differences between the US and Japan are huge, but I just can't quite understand why they are so much funnier than we are. Maybe they're just better at having fun? Regardless of the reason, this video is epic and priceless.

So. . .(sigh)

So, I'm stuck in Michigan waiting to go to Japan with nothing but time, so i figured why not. Figured I'd upload some pics from the beach.
Damn it! Starscream -_-

May 28, 2009


Ride Wit No Tints So They Know It's Me!!

I've been kinda bored while I've been home for the summer from school, so I decided to pick up this book on sale at Barnes and Noblee. It rocks!! It's front to back crests. How sick!

Old Work Online!

Preservation Of The Species from Mike DuPree on Vimeo.

I had an insane amount of fun making this video. I'm planning another for the summer. Can't wait!

May 27, 2009

Excuse Me?

I'm going to Japan in a few days, and I'll be going with A LOT of questions. One thing I know for sure. They have much funnier TV than we do. Step up your game America.

Meet Mono/Poly

Peep more tunes at his myspace

May 26, 2009

Nosaj Thing Drops His First Album!!!!

(see above link for infos)

This album is something else, and it damn sure is worth the wait. I've been waiting for an album from Nosaj Thing ever since I first heard his tracks from a friend of mine back in '07. The sound of Nosaj Thing is not one that is easily summed up in just one sentence, or two or even three. Nosaj is a perfect example of what is going on over on the West Coast. Tunes to get you in the mood and tunes to get you hyped. Being a Midwest man my whole life, I've never signed on to the whole coast BS. But Cali is killin it right now. Just gotta be honest on that one. Nosaj. Flying Lotus. Edit. Glitch Mob. Mono/Poly.They've all been around for some time now. These are definitely the sounds needed by speakers tired of bumping the same old tunes. This batch of dudes have even been catching the sexy eye of Mary Anne Hobbs over in the UK. Its funny how people who make great music have homeboys who make great music. The networking going on between all these cats is just ridiculous.

Peep Nosaj Thing's new album ASAP! Your ears will be crying if you don't!

May 24, 2009

Joke Time

Where does George Washington keep his armies?

In his SLEEVIES! hehehe

May 23, 2009

Some Recent Work

Some ideas for a series I'd like to push. . .not quite there yet though.


Transitions are scary; they are either smooth and sneaky or jarringly startling. I'd say I'm going through an art transition at the moment. Science has, for the most part, played a fairly large roll in the things I've made. These days though, it seems to have taken a little twist as a result of a little thing called outer space. The act of conceiving things in the extreme macro and micro really takes a toll on your creative conscious. Everything is starting to seem a little blurred. I think I'm growing uneasy about the artistic grounds I've stood on these last 21 years. Someone throw me a good book to read or something.

May 6, 2009

Weightless On The Moon

The layer of ozone encasing the Earth is a thin layer of gas shielding the planet from an assortment of astrological rays. After years of erosion, the Earth's ozone layer has begun to crumble in the year 2165. In this worst case scenario, the Earth's atmosphere has gone from looking like a marble to a piece of Swiss cheese. As part of my Earth History project, I've created the LSBS Mix. The LSBS is the Lunar Side Broadcasting Station. It is their responsibility to bring some motivational sounds to those working out in space to build affordable houses for all those who've grown tired of the depletion of the Earth and her resources. This mix is just a little something to sleep by, or to work to, or just do whatever you do!