September 28, 2010

Spiritomb Redesign

Lately I've been sharpening my drawing skills in Photoshop with a series of character redesigns. Here is the first.

September 14, 2010

Illustration Before Bed

Here's a quick little something I started. My apologies for the low res version, no hi res till I'm done. Posting then passing out.

I cannot stop listening to Strung out - Bar9 Song is seriously stupid.

September 5, 2010

Day 2

The Chemical Brothers show was definitely a hard act to follow. But the second day of North Coast Festival turned out to be a BLAST! The first set I decided to check out was Layedback Luke. I knew nothing about him and had never even heard the name before but the boy threw down some serious bass. I was waiting for Benga's set to start but Luke's wobble lured me in and his drums kept me there.

Luke did a great job getting me hype and I was ready for Benga to tear it up. But as the crew was setting up for the next performer I noticed a guy that looked a whole lot like Daedalus and sure enough it was.

Eventually he informed the crowd that Benga was unable to make it to the states and that he has been brought in super last minute to supply the crowd with the bass they were seeking. As sad as I am that I didn't get to see Benga perform I am thankful that Daedalus was there to entertain. He even opened up with my homie Lorn's tune Army of Fear!

After Daedalous filled the bass quota for the evening I worked my way over to check out Jay Electronica's performance. In my post listing my most anticipated artists I said that I thought Jay would be the surprise of the show. Boy was I wrong. He did more talking than rapping and had a very poor sense of how to control a crowd.

BUT after leaving his stage 20 minutes into his show I set myself up for a real treat. Front row De La Soul!

Unfortunately I don't really have any concrete documentation of the De La show. I was too busy having fun. I had forgotten how much fun good hip hop shows were. I even got to shake up with Posdenus when he came down to the crowd. I think I can say that the De La show was the most fun I had all weekend. They even brought out Dres from Black Sheep!! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After De La exited the stage we mustered the last of our innerfunk and worked our way over the the stage to catch Boys Noize.

Somewhere in the midst of the blinding light on stage Boys Noize switched off and Moby took over! I can't believe that he got me to dance that much when I was so worn out from De La. I know I stated previously that Boys Noize knew how to throw a party but Moby illustrated an even greater command over the forces of body movin'.

Day 3 was short and sweet. I'll post up soon.

September 3, 2010

Day 1

These are some pics from the Chemical Brothers show last night. It was beyond words. Sick tunes. Sick Visuals. Crazy crowd. This was my first show of this scale and i must say it shattered my expectations.