July 13, 2009

July 8, 2009

New District-9 Trailer!!!

This movie has been keeping me excited all summer! It will make up for the "Ultra Suckage" that was Transformers 2 -___-

July 7, 2009

Damn! Michael

I was out of the country for the majority of the events surrounding Michael Jackson's death. Waking up to the death of MJ was just confusing as hell. I got three voice mails, five emails, and 13 instant messages all asking if I had heard what had happened to Michael Jackson. I thought he was going to be playing while I was in Japan, or something, only to find out that he had died. Having been away from the epicenter of the media explosion in the US, I was removed from the situation a bit. I returned to the states in the midst of all of this chaos, which made two things undeniably clear to me. Now, I'm not in a position to judge anyone, but it was really infuriating that so many of the same reporters who had been chipping away at Michael Jackson's credibility, for years, were suddenly singing his praises. If you're going to hate and accuse, then do so, but don't get all sentimental and sing Michael's praises just because he died. I'm not saying that I feel people should turn a blind eye to his past. I just can't stand all this bandwagon-MJ-love that these news anchors are vomiting all over the place. Anyways, I believe that it is pretty apparent just how extraordinary Michael Jackson IS, was, and will always be. As a star, he burned brighter than any others I can call to mind, and this fact is one I feel people often forget. Burning that bright must take one hell of a toll on one's mind, body and character. Some say that many people who were considered great died early, but I wonder just how great they really would have been considered if not for their untimely deaths. Michael's life seems to have only functioned in extremes, black or white (just like the song -_-) Not to mention that even Michael couldn't top what he had done. He made Thriller. THRILLER! Mike, you gave 'em hell man. That's all I've got to say.

Stop Autotuning!

This dude Drake is almost dope. Leave your Autotune at home.

July 2, 2009

Back Home

After a much needed journey of epic proportions, I am back in Michigan. The trip to Japan was eye opening for sure. I'm sad I had to leave so soon, but it's nice knowing that I'll go back soon. I'll be back in Chicago soon to start working on my army of Gundams ^_^ For about the next three months this blog is going to be overflowing with nerd posts. So, I'm just warning you now. I think my first project will be:

1/100 Scale Raiser

I've already got Gundam 00 back in Chi. So, I figure, i'll deck him out first with this kit. More to come on the build.