August 26, 2009

Why Not?

An old drawing from last year. Still not done with it, but I haven't posted anything in ages.

August 17, 2009

My Display Case and New Room!

So, I'm living in a new apartment this school year; and I love it! I decided that I should put my head to good use and design my room, so I did what any great artist would do. I called my mom! She visited with my aunt and together they helped me transform my room. The results came out way better than I could have ever imagined! Also, I finally, finally, finally got to install the display case that I've been dreaming of having for about the last 5 years. It's becoming distracting now because I can't stop looking at it.

The photos above my bed are three pics I snapped in Japan.

Display case for my babies!

Da work zone!

August 13, 2009

Legend of the Forrest

This is an animation by Osamu Tezuka called Legend of the Forrest. I saw this at Tezuka's museum while I was in Japan. Honestly, I really don't like the bulk of Tezuka's work. I respect what he did, but I just don't care for it. However, this animation is a stroke of pure genius. I'm posting my two favorite parts. The last act is not so genius. Enjoy!

August 11, 2009

Custom PS3 Theme

I've been searching for a nice, subtle theme for my PS3 that suited my tastes, and for the longest time I couldn't find anything. Then it hit me. Just make my own. And I did. Just like any self-promoting, egotistical artist, I themed it around non other than myself. Feel free to save it, and use it on your own PS3 if you'd like. Hahaha!

August 4, 2009

98.9% Complete Gundam 00

He's alllll most done! There are still some finishing touches to be added though.

He even gets a wrinkly background! (I'll iron it next time.)

Side shot. His shields are dope.

Epic. Ness.

Gundam 00 Raiser!

So, here are some older pics of my work on the 1/100 Gundam 00 and the 0 Raiser. I will do a better job of documenting with the later kits. I swear! I didn't do nearly as much 'documentation of process,' as I would have liked; but without Internet access for so long, I suppose my dedication suffered. But, I'll explain my process a bit more in the future if anyone even reads this crap. Word. Pics!

So I had picked up the 00 Gundam kit before I went to Japan, but I never got around to finishing him. He was a very sad unfinished model indeed..

This is 00 once again. Just with a few decals applied. I started applying decals before I was done painting the whole kit which was probably a bad idea.. but I really wanted to see the decals! I advise painting, then decals, then matt spraying. Finished kit in my next post!

Alas! I Still Function!

Finally! The Internet is mine once again! I've been moving around all over the planet and have finally come to a resting place back in Chicago. Now, I finally have Internet so I can waste my valuable time once more! I've been in Chicago for two weeks now learning Japanese, drawing and modeling. I'll put new model pics up within the hour. Woot!