September 29, 2009

Updates From the Field Museum

Just two updates on my watercolors from the Field. They are both still ongoing works in progress and will probably require one or two more visits. Watercolor is so tedious!

September 28, 2009

Concept Sketch

The first concept sketch from my solo comic project.

September 27, 2009

First Character Profile

So, here it is. This is the first character profile for my new comic in development. I won't spoil anything about his role in the story, so this is all you get for now! I'll upload sketches soon!

Physical Description:

Name- Fala

Age- 6

Gender- Male


A typical six year old in his village. Fun-loving, typical kid. Asks lots of questions. Loves animals. Keeps hair cut short and favors cleanliness. Dislikes arguments and making others upset. A young people-pleaser. Often blames himself for the misfortune of those around him.


His mother died in childbirth. Raised by his tough-love father. He is somewhat afraid of his father despite his father having never laid a hand on him. His father is a warrior of a man in body and mind.

He is friends with many of the children in his village. His family is relatively wealthy, and his friends don’t let him forget it. He is not necessarily fond of his family’s wealth and has more interest in the natural world around him than the things money can buy.

He lives in a time before refined, organized schooling, but the town he lives in leaves the education of children in the hands of the elders. He is extremely bright for his age. This is mainly to do with his fondness of asking questions. He listens more than he talks.


Fala is an adventure-seeking child fueled by a bottomless pit of energy. Despite his energy he is extremely attentive. He thinks and dwells within quite often for a boy his age. He loves hearing stories and learning from them but is sad that he cannot tell his own stories. Fala often dreams of traveling to far away lands and escaping the borders of his small town one day.

His favorite food is fish. He enjoys traveling down to the harbor with his father. His favorite part of traveling to the harbor is visiting the old homeless man who resides there by selling his art. Fala is fascinated by his strange paintings and loves to question the old man but is always scolded by his father and dragged away.

In his never-ending quest for knowledge Fala has a tendency to annoy adults around him. There are many more adults than children in his village, so the adults often fall prey to his ever-increasing thirst for knowledge

Driving Motivations/Goals:

While his father is home, he spends much of his time helping him with chores and such. He relishes his time to play outside. Much of his ideals and influences reflect those of his father. He feels that there is a worth in all people, however, this feeling is being drown out by his increasing age and his father.

Fala intends on making his dreams of traveling the world a reality. He enjoys the outdoors and plans to spend as much time there as possible when older. He thinks being a famous fisherman would be the most luxurious occupation in the world. Traveling the world catching the biggest fish imaginable.

Fala is amazing with his hands and is an all-around outdoorsmen. He enjoys knot tying, chopping wood, hunting, and especially fishing.

Under the Surface:
Fala has a crush on one of the girls on the other side of town but is too embarrassed to say anything about it. He is also teased by his friends for this as well. He has no mother and is uncomfortable around females. The story of the comic is the turning point in his life, or the beginning of it.


Exploring. Being outdoors. Learning. Stories. Fishing. Running. Cleaning his hair. Waiting for his beard to grow.


Being yelled at and scolded. Having to be indoors. His father's glare. Not being able to bathe. Not having a beard yet.

Comic Details

So, as a lot of you know, I have been in the process of writing a comic that I will be producing myself. And FINALLY, it is starting to take shape. I'm now finalizing the draft of the story and early concept sketches. So, stay tuned for new posts about this up-and-coming work!

September 23, 2009

Works in Progress

All the following drawings are incomplete works-in-progress and are relatively new (last 2 weeks). I've been drawing at the Field Museum here in Chicago, and I find it infinitely more inspiring than the Art Institute. I'd appreciate any feedback if you'd be so kind and willing.

Early sketch of a soon-to-be chicken fight. Soon-to-be watercolored

Going old school on this one. My favorite of the lot.

A meager attempt at watercoloring. One of my main focuses for this semester.

Another watercolor. Started this one yesterday and it is moving SO slowly. Patience truly is a virtue.

It's 9:00 PM. Do You Know Where Your Autotune Is?

Autotune is taking over the world! I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard!

September 21, 2009

Drawing Drawings Drawings

A week-old figure drawing. I'm trying to get good with charcoal.

A collection of 60-second sketches.

An old watercolor done at the Field Museum. Never got around to finishing it and probably never will. . .story of my life.


Just stumbled across this on the Inter-Web. Just thought I would share it with everyone. I found this to be hilarious.

September 15, 2009

I Like This Game Too Much



I have always thought of CNN as a pretty informative source of information throughout my 21 years. That little headline tab is often my only connection to what's going on in the world. However, today I went to get my daily dose of actual useful information only to read in the top headlines

Jessica Simpson's dog snatched by coyote

Why in the world is this on CNN? This was a top headline. So, that means that someone somewhere on God's green Earth thought that this news story was more relevant than all of the other things happening in the world. Maybe I just read this while in a bad mood, but this is utterly stupid. However, I am sorry Jessica's dog was eaten. Too bad she wasn't instead.

See this LINK to read the full waste of time.

September 14, 2009

Some New Work

Just some figure drawings.

. . and something stupid :}

September 6, 2009

Great White Sharks Turf War Continues

(CNN) -- The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries has tagged two great white sharks off Cape Cod in an area where shark sightings have been reported, state officials said Sunday.

A great white shark is tagged Saturday off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Shark sightings closed nearby beaches.

A great white shark is tagged Saturday off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Shark sightings closed nearby beaches.

The first tagging Saturday marked the first time a great white shark had been successfully tagged in the Atlantic Ocean, the division said in a statement. A second shark was tagged Saturday afternoon, officials said.

The taggings took place in the waters near Chatham, Massachusetts, two days after Greg Skomal, shark expert for the Division of Marine Fisheries, reported as many as five large sharks were seen near Monomoy Island, a National Wildlife Refuge off the southern elbow of Cape Cod. The island is about a mile away from Chatham's Lighthouse Beach, a public swimming area.

Chatham's beaches were closed to swimmers after the sightings, Skomal said. CNN affiliate WCVB reported that all of Chatham's east-facing beaches were closed after three sharks came within 75 yards of the coastline.

The beaches will be off-limits to swimmers until the middle of the week, officials told WCVB.

After the sightings, Skomal and other biologists set out to identify the species, the division statement said. Skomal identified a great white shark on Friday, and then the two were tagged Saturday.

"The tags, which use satellite-based technology to record where a shark travels, allow scientists to better understand migratory patterns," the division statement said.

Great white sharks are relatively rare in New England, the division statement said, but have been seen feeding near seal colonies.

Massachusetts has recorded only four shark attacks since 1670, two of which were fatal. The last fatal shark attack in Massachusetts happened in 1936.