March 10, 2010

2010 Demo Reel With Breakdown

D.E.M.O. from Mike DuPree on Vimeo.

> The D.E.M.O. project was designed to illustrate my technical and artistic skills.

> All shaders, models and artwork were created by me exclusively.

> Maya, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects were used to construct this project.

> Mental Ray DGS and MIA materials were predominately used to gain a more realistic distribution of light.

> Area lights were also used with photons and global illumination to aid in the distribution of light within the space.

> Ambient occlusion, specular light map and depth of field render passes were composited in post to illustrate a more engaging depiction of space.

> Watercolor paintings were produced through live observational studies from the Field Museum in Chicago.

March 5, 2010

Better Than

If you dig earth-moving hurricane-like beats, then I would HIGHLY suggest checking out this new remix by my buddy Lorn. If you dig it, please vote for it up on xLR8R's page! Check out more of Lorn's work.

Better Than (Lorn Remix)

March 4, 2010