March 10, 2010

2010 Demo Reel With Breakdown

D.E.M.O. from Mike DuPree on Vimeo.

> The D.E.M.O. project was designed to illustrate my technical and artistic skills.

> All shaders, models and artwork were created by me exclusively.

> Maya, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects were used to construct this project.

> Mental Ray DGS and MIA materials were predominately used to gain a more realistic distribution of light.

> Area lights were also used with photons and global illumination to aid in the distribution of light within the space.

> Ambient occlusion, specular light map and depth of field render passes were composited in post to illustrate a more engaging depiction of space.

> Watercolor paintings were produced through live observational studies from the Field Museum in Chicago.


  1. Nice. What is this song?

  2. Vanity of Affliction- Dolor. You can find his Myspace under my music tab.