February 21, 2010

One From the Scrap Yard

I'm in the studio animating and just stumbled onto an old something I must have made sometime ago. I really don't remember what it's from or its purpose. Looks kinda eerie. I like him though. He's got character. This reminds me of that episode of Dexter's Laboratory where all of his old creations confront him! Anyone remember that?

February 18, 2010

Feelin' Good

Just came back from the lab after working for a a very productive 13 hours. I must say that I am an exceptionally fortunate person to be able to do what I love without opposition. Unlike some long hauls in the animation lab, today I was really on it. Managed to finalize my product for the last step. I've no doubt that my friends, family and good music are to blame. Combined, these elements produce a limitless reservoir of energy to feed on. I'd love to show some updates, but I promised myself I wouldn't make anymore posts on this project until it's finished. 21 years in the making! It's 6 am, and I don't remember when I slept last. I should probably go get on that.

February 8, 2010


An excerpt from my current project D.E.M.O. (Digitally Enhanced Mechanical Optics) gallery. Tried to give everyone something hi res this time that they could keep. Go ahead, and set it as your desktop if you'd like (sorry it's a crappy jpeg). A present to my audience that I am so gracious to have.