December 14, 2008

Flying Lotus 2x3. Yes please.

This new mix tape by Flying Lotus is SICK. He's an LA producer that's making his way up the ladder of fame pretty rapidly. I stumbled upon this particular tape when i learned that a friend of a friend of mine (Nosaj Thing) remixed one of my favorite Flylo tracks, Camel. Tracks like these will do it for you no matter what your mood is: happy, sad, rich or poor. If you're into Hip Hop or Jazz, or breathing air, you should check this one out for sure. The album artwork is also quite yummy. Be sure to give this tape some extra playing time for sure, and check out his other goodies at

Norin Rad

This is a sculpture in Zbrush that I've been working on for fun lately, just to pass the time. Nowhere near done with the sculpt, but I just wanted to show something newer. I'd like to spend my time making things a bit more 'artistic' I guess, but I couldn't help myself. Silver Surfer is just so dope looking. He's always been one of my fave heroes, so I figured why not. Oh yeah! Peep my logo. It'll be on your kids T-shirts in 5 years just wait. Muahaha!


Some pics out of my digital sketch book. Renders were done in Maya 8.5 playing around with some new Mental Ray tricks. Its amazing what few button clicks can do. Made these during the summer at some point. I think it was after I saw Batman. Maybe.

Commence Mission

So, I've been putting off doing this for awhile. I've been looking at Pakman's blog for sometime now, and i got jealous. I'll be posting up some pics and album covers. Hopefully this will clear up a little room inside my skull. Let's find out!