March 16, 2009

Demo Reel Shots

Snip from a jumping sequence :O

I swear this thing actually moves! Its much more exciting animated.

I just work on him when I get bored. This won't get used for anything special.

Out of Hiding

I'm terrible at following up on things, for example, this blog. I swear I'm going to post more! Lately, I have been working like crazy to complete my demo reel, but even after I say it's finished, there are going to be tweaks and updates. Now, I think things will start to take some shape. I'll post some stills of my animations in production so far as well as some fun stuff. And before I die, I'll post up some drawings.

I've been reading about the concept of nothingness a lot lately, and it has started to take my none academic work in a new direction. There's a little psychobabble for those interested. Time for Pics!