July 29, 2010


Finally extruded the body suit from the original mesh. I've actually never made a fully clothed figure before, as I tend to stick primarily to machines, but the process was pretty painless. Originally i was just going to make the outer most suits. However, I've been listening to the Inception soundtrack nonstop and Han Zimmer really has transformed my ideas of what i want this animation to communicate. Therefore I require a little more detail. The tacky linework was is going away. I was just practicing.

July 27, 2010

Captain Leonard.....IN 3D

Hopefully this time around this post will go through. This is the current version of the Captain Leo model. He's still a tad bulk. I'll be posting more updates soon.

July 7, 2010


Here are some pics from my ongoing project. I have decided to combine all of my various works into one larger more ambitious piece. So.. here are the fruits of my labor thus far!

July 3, 2010

Heads Held High

As sad as I am to see my favorite team (Ghana) exit the World Cup I must say that this has, and is, one amazing tournament. I've been telling a lot of people for a long time that Ghana was going to go all the way and I could not be more proud! The US vs Ghana game was a tough one to watch but I actually wound up rooting for Ghana more than I did for my own country. I respect heart and hustle above all else and I think that Gyan and the gang have displayed copious amounts of both. It's great to see one team unify a continent in such a respectible fashion. This team embodies something truly special and although Ghana is out but the cup isn't over. I still can't believe the Netherlands won... But it seems this cup has been capitalized by unpredictability. There are still many good games to be played! I guess I'll be rooting for Argentina now? Drive it home Messi!!