July 3, 2010

Heads Held High

As sad as I am to see my favorite team (Ghana) exit the World Cup I must say that this has, and is, one amazing tournament. I've been telling a lot of people for a long time that Ghana was going to go all the way and I could not be more proud! The US vs Ghana game was a tough one to watch but I actually wound up rooting for Ghana more than I did for my own country. I respect heart and hustle above all else and I think that Gyan and the gang have displayed copious amounts of both. It's great to see one team unify a continent in such a respectible fashion. This team embodies something truly special and although Ghana is out but the cup isn't over. I still can't believe the Netherlands won... But it seems this cup has been capitalized by unpredictability. There are still many good games to be played! I guess I'll be rooting for Argentina now? Drive it home Messi!!

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