September 15, 2009


I have always thought of CNN as a pretty informative source of information throughout my 21 years. That little headline tab is often my only connection to what's going on in the world. However, today I went to get my daily dose of actual useful information only to read in the top headlines

Jessica Simpson's dog snatched by coyote

Why in the world is this on CNN? This was a top headline. So, that means that someone somewhere on God's green Earth thought that this news story was more relevant than all of the other things happening in the world. Maybe I just read this while in a bad mood, but this is utterly stupid. However, I am sorry Jessica's dog was eaten. Too bad she wasn't instead.

See this LINK to read the full waste of time.


  1. "informative source of information" LOL.

  2. hahaha- thats why i don't want the news