October 4, 2009

A Promise I'll Break Later

I've been pretty lazy on updating the blog with my new drawings, but I'll put some up tomorrow when I'm not dead tired. This Saturday has been a day I've been looking forward to for quite sometime. Nonstop drawing from morning till the next morning! I've been doing more drawing than writing, however, and I really should be getting this comic draft done sooner than later. But that is what Sundays are for. I'll probably upload some assignments from my Narrative Ink Class. I don't think I've posted any of the work from that class yet, and I've done some pretty new things. Currently my projects at hand are:

- Self Portrait
- Comic Script Completion
- 2 Field Museum Watercolors
- Comic Character Designs
- Comic Landscape/Setting Designs
- Hatching studies

Hopefully by next Sunday something on the list will actually be completed. Maybe even two or three things. Four would be awesome. The sandman's callin.

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