October 7, 2009

Character Profile: Ogin

Physical Description:

Name- Ogin

Age- 60ish

Gender- Male

Ethnicity- Foreign everywhere he goes


Ogin is a tired, angry, homeless drunkard. Frail and weak. Carries with him at all times a paintbrush that is the size that he is. He seems to have endured much hardship during the course of his life. He spends much of his time sitting on the ground surrounded by his art in a drunken haze.


He is not from the village, and those that live there don’t let him forget it. The villagers see him as a dirty old man, which he is, and he does not take kindly to that. He knows as much about his origin as the villagers that pester him.
He has lost much of his memory to booze and “rotten luck * BURP *” He knows that he traveled from whereever he was to Fala’s village because of some bad happenings, but the specifics are lost to the sands of time and alcohol.
When sober, Ogin displays a surprising degree of awareness; however, this is seldom the case.


Ogin is not a happy man. His art, that no one hardly ever buys, is the only decent thing in the world to him. He despises those who do not appreciate his art. He views the world as a very cruel place full of uncultured, uncouth swine.
Having dealt with so much hardship already, Ogin is very prone to give up on his short-term goals and is often halted by the slightest sign of difficulty.

He is not violent or harmful to others physically, but his mouth has gotten him into trouble quite a few times. He’s just living out the rest of his days in a drunken stupor painting when he feels inspired.

Driving Motivations/Goals:

Ogin used to want to be a world-famous artist, but this dream has been glazed over, over the years. He believes in the chaos of the world and alcohol is his Sheppard in the darkness. He’s surprisingly relatively decent for being a homeless person.

Under the Surface:

Ogin really misses home-cooked meals!
He thoroughly enjoys the brief visits from Fala. Given his situation, he doesn't have very many people to talk to besides the ones he imagines when he’s drunk.
Having been dooped by a woman at some previous point in his life, he now believes that women are the root of all evil!

Quite fond of the sound of water.

Ogin feels that he is somehow a being of higher tastes. Because of his self-proclaimed profession as an artist, he sees himself as having a taste for the finer things in life.
He is in debt with so many people in other towns that he can’t even remember how much he owes anymore, or for what.


Rum. Painting. Sleeping. Rum. Hangovers. The sound of water. Fala’s questions. Well-cooked food.


Hangovers. Most people. Being told that he is a good-for-nothing. Women. Bad taste. Loud Noises.

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