December 12, 2010

Community Service!

This week I was in St. Louis for a string of shows with put together by my good friend Stan Chisholm (18 and Counting). I was invited out along side my buddies Dolor and Lorn. Lorn was accompanied by his homie adoptahighway, who I'd been looking forward to meeting for years. Also in the mix were the Chicago based, dynamic and talented photography duo that is Glitter Guts. Four musicians, two photographers and one visual artist surely made for one hell of an experience!

I can honestly say that I have never worked intandem with so many talented individuals, ever! The experience was like no other for me personally. Glitter Guts did an amazing job capturing the essence of the night that can be viewed here.

The first performer of the night was the orchestrator himself, 18AC. As you may know 18ac is already a well established visual artist. However, what you may not know is that recently he has realigned his sights onto the DJ'ing scene in St. Louis. There, he does his duty to inform the unknowing of what they have been missing in the vast, global electronic music scene. Just like with his visual art, communication is a MASSIVE catalyst in his funky scheme.

Up next was my man adoptahighway! When I look back to his set wow is seriously the first word that comes to mind. I was so impressed by the vast array of sounds he unleashed I spent half the set like a deer in headlights. Mind you, adoptahighway is half of the duo Omega Clash along side Lorn. With that said, it is only logical to assume that he caused a RUCKUS! It twas a beautiful ruckus indeed. Immediately after he finished his set I shamelessly requested his services in a new project of mine. There will be a very big treat in store for you all. I. CAN'T. WAIT!

Next, Dolor. I'm half convinced that Dolor actually means dance in some ancient forgotten language and Shawn just isn't telling me. Seriously, this man has an ability to make hips sway and feet shuffle like no other. I almost forgot to shoot a video of him spinning because I was so busy bouncing around! The way he performs it's really more like being at the mercy of an X-man than a DJ. Stay tuned for more of the colab between Dolor and myself!

Last, and for damn sure not least, was Lorn. Before I even continue, I have to say how COOL it is to actually be friends with one of your favorite musicians!! I actually met Dolor as a result of me walking by his room while he was spinning a track that turned out to be Lorn's. Flashbacks aside, the torrent of sounds included in Lorn's set hit like a ton of bricks! If you haven't had the fortune of seeing him perform live I'm not sure what you're doing with yourself. Stop reading and go now!

As awesome as all of the sets were I have to say my favorite part of the whole experience was meeting some extremely talented and down to Earth people. Not to mention that all the time in between shows was hilarious.

I'm very fortunate to have the luxury of having such talented friends, who in turn introduce me to their talented friends. It is a cycle that I hope will never stop. You'll find permanent links to adoptahighway and Glitter Guts over on the right nav bar.

Thanks for reading! If you are in or near St. Louis drop by the Upstairs Lounge for a good time, preferably on a Wednesday! I'm looking very forward to my two projects that are in the works and I hope to have some more previews up soon. Ciao.

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