November 11, 2010


Hello world! I'm currently lined up to be in a show in STL in a few weeks.Sadly, I have had the hardest time figuring out what I want to present. I've sloshed around about 3 different ideas around in my head for the last two weeks and just recently settled on one.

The title of the piece is called Chromacrobe. It's a short non-narrative 3D animation showing the mundane lives of Chromacrobes (haha) What are Chromacrobs you ask? Well, I am a lover of science and am often influenced by all of its mysteries and there is one mystery in particular that I am quite fascinated with. LIGHT!

I am playing around with the idea of light as microbial lifeform. What would it look like? what would it do? Does light have to eat? Well for that i suppose you'll just have to wait and see. It's rendering on my PC right now and if my calculations are right, and they seldom are, it will be done sometime Friday night! Well the renders will be done at least. And thats just the first shot! If you are in STL you should definitely check out the show, which I will be posting up info for soon as soon as I have the official flyer! I'll post up a sneak peak straight from the renderbatch just so you guys can get a taste.

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