June 30, 2011


My 2011 demo reel is here! Please watch in fullscreen!

June 24, 2011

Deal for the Reel

Now my teaching has come to a halt. I've been wrapping up loose ends on all of my 2011 projects. I'll be posting a 2011 reel very soon, and I'm quite excited! As of late, I've really noticed just how much I've grown in the few years that this site has been up and running. I'll post up some fresh new turntables as well as the reel, but until then take a look at this charming chap!

June 8, 2011

Globe Preview

The Globe is for avid music listeners, allowing them a new and immersive way to experience their favorite music.

April 24, 2011

Eddie 3D Mesh Details

This is a quick mock up i threw together of the final pose I'll be using for the sculpt. It's not the prettiest thing around, but it serves it's purpose.

I've finally finished the base mesh and retopologized it. There are still miles to go on this sculpt, but this is what its looking like so far. She's going to look so nuts without eyes!

April 17, 2011

Eddie Redesign

(I didn't make this one)

I have recently decided to enter a fighting game character redesign contest over on polycount.com. I chose to redesign Eddie from the Guilty Gear series. For those who don't know, Zato was an assassin who acquired a shadow demon named Eddie. The demon Eddie gave him crazy powers in exchange for Zato's eyesight, and eventually killed Zato and possesses his dead body to this day. I've always loved playing as Eddie in the game and thought his unique nature would be lend well to a redesign. I was going to redesign Akuma, but this is a REDESIGN contest and we all know Akuma is already perfect.

I've made some pretty massive changes to the character. The most obvious is that I've made Zato a woman. Eddie has always been flamboyant and I figured I might as well just embrace that. I also did away with Zato's clothes, in exchange for a living suit. In a very Venom-esque fashion I decided to play up the possessed aspect. I've also tried to give an even more menacing appearance to Eddie. I really want to drive home the fact that he is an evil body possessing demon.

As for the final pose, I've chosen to go with Eddie's Cerberus..thingy. It is a move I use often and I have always thought it looked cool. I also feel it will make for a nice lush 3D sculptural form. I want to give each of the dog's heads a little personality. Enough jibba jabba, here are my concepts so far.

The first concept that has since been scrapped completely.

The current design. Still need to layout her shinguards. I had a hard time deciding what to do about her eyes. Zato is blind, and wears a blindfold in the game, but I knew there was something more I could do. So, I took her eyes out completely. Less IS more in this case.. literally! (harharhar) I think she looks much darker and creepier without them.

Concepts for the cerberus heads. I could draw these things forever, but I really need to get cracking on my basemeshes. Eddie shapeshifts quite a lot in the game, so I wanted to pull some of that into my sculpt. One of the forms he takes is a shark, so I referenced that for a little homage to another one of my favorite moves! Completely channeled my inner 5 yearold on this one.

April 6, 2011

As you can see by the render times below this project is going to take awhile.. this isn't even full resolution. Despite the lack of speed things are piecing together quite nicely.

March 24, 2011


My homey adoptahighway is a musician that I've known OF longer than I've actually known personally. He's my kinda dude, humble and ridiculously talented! This fact aside, he is making big moves to independently release his own 7" wax and YOU should help by donating to fund the cause at this LINK.

On the topic of donation, if you haven't donated to the Japanese relief effort by now you probably kick puppies for fun.

March 22, 2011

Fett Layout

I tried to go lighter on the details this time.

This one was adjusted to make the distinguishing lines of his helmet more visible.